It has been an extremely exciting first six months of 2017 for panagenda. From the release of new products and services, to internationally significant partnerships and the shear growth of the company in quantitative but also qualitative terms, 2017 won’t be a year we will forget so quickly.

As so many great stories do, it all began with IBM Connect in San Francisco where we published the first big launches of the year. In addition to sponsoring, our panagenda specialists hosted six different sessions across the three days of the event. Understandably not everyone was able to attend each and every one of our sessions so we created the “IBM Connect 2017 – Virtual Edition” where five of our sessions were repeated in the form of a webinar.

panagendians at IBM Connect 2017

No less than SIX members of our IBM Connect force were announced as IBM Champions for ICS by Amanda Baumann at the end of 2016, making it the most IBM Champions panagenda had at one time…until Tony Holder as seventh IBM Champion joined the team later in the year. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, our very own Julian Robichaux was the third EVER who was honored with the title as IBM Lifetime Champion by current title holder Gabriella Davis and Theo Heselmans. Of course we don’t want to claim the limelight for ourselves so we started the Twitter series #ChampionTuesday honoring one of the 123 ICS Champions each week.

But that’s not all that happened at Connect: IBM’s Ed Brill (Vice President, Product Management and Design) announced panagenda ApplicationInsights as IBM’s standard solution for application modernization and analytics! As one the before mentioned new product realeases, CEO Florian Vogler introduced panagenda ApplicationInsights to our community. Ever since, we continue to be overwhelmed by the positive feedback we receive and would like to thank everyone involved for your support.

iDNA Release 2.7

While all this was happening, the rest of the company was working on further developments. ConnectionsExpert 1.2 was released providing continuous and accurate insight into user behavior in order to maximize the potential of Connections environments. iDNA 2.7 was released in order to simplify management and IT decision-making by providing powerful system insights through interactive reports. GreenLight 3.1 was released extending the capabilities to keep all servers in your IT infrastructure fail-safe and performant.

In addition to these product releases, we’re expanding our services portfolio. Xaver Benz joined our team with the key responsibility of design, development and implementation of an inspiring, multi-tiered learning hub for panagenda’s data analytics solutions. Having already released a Quick Start Series for ApplicationInsights and another for ConnectionsExpert, he is not only working on e-learning videos for panagenda’s other solutions but will also be launching the panagenda academy (tentative name) a little later in the year.

While our product and services portfolio continues to expand, so does the demand for our expertise. Constantly looking for reinforcement, we were able to gain Luis Suarez as Digital Transformation & Data Analytics Adviser as well as Tony Holder as Sales Manager for North America, and with him, our seventh IBM Champion! Expanding our team also gives us the opportunity to participate and sponsor many more events. This includes those past: Connect, SNoUG, Connect Comes 2 You, Anwendertreffen, Engage, DNUG, Social Connections 11, and both bluecue BusinessConnect events. And also those to come: MWLUG, SocialConnections 12 and many more yet to be announced.

Luis Suarez at panagenda

Interest in panagenda ApplicationInsights continues to grow at an almost exorbitant rate and we are trying to provide our community with the necessary knowledge to use the solution to the best of their ability. Terri Warren wrote “Analyzing your application landscape with panagenda ApplicationInsights” and Francie Tanner recorded “IBM Domino Application Transformation and panagenda ApplicationInsights” to cater for growing demand.

Our most recent significant news is the release, or better said the re-branding of one of our already existing products. Along with the re-branding of GroupExplorer (GE) to SecurityInsider (SI), we’ve made several changes based on customer feedback to improve user experience. Regardless of the product, we of course invite customers to contact with specific questions and prospective customers to contact for initial demonstrations.

Finally, and by all means most importantly, are the individuals that stand behind these incredible achievements! Some you will know from personal encounters. Others you may have never heard of as they remain in the background, enabling everything to run as smoothly as it does. Either way everyone at panagenda deserves recognition for what they do. For this reason, we have started the blog series #panagendaPride featuring members of our team that despite their highly professional demeanor also have awesome personalities. To give credit where credit is due, we also started a blog series introducing our products to you from the perspective of those closest to them, their developers, product managers and consultants.

panagenda team photo in Mallorca

As I said, a BIG 2017 for panagenda so far… and there’s more to come. Make sure to follow our social media channels FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to get the most important news as soon as it happens.