Are Blind Spots in your Unmanaged Networks Impacting Microsoft Teams Performance?



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Has your company transitioned to Microsoft Teams as the standard Telecom solution for internal and external calls / meetings? If you have gone down this path, then you need to attend this webinar. This will be an eye-opening and insightful presentation on the network blind spots that cause the most challenges for IT support when troubleshooting Teams call quality issues.

While valuable as a high-level oversight tool, the MS Teams Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) doesn’t help isolate what problems are causing issues, especially for networking performance. This is painfully true for remote workers where IT support groups have visibility gaps for home networks, internet service providers (ISPs), and endpoint computer performance. What’s needed for fast troubleshooting is full visibility into each segment of the journey for Teams voice traffic – from the user endpoint to the Teams cloud service. Those insights help clarify whether a performance problem is on the Microsoft side, the local network, the ISP, or the client device.

Please join us for this webinar to hear how unmanaged networks for home office users could be negatively impacting Teams performance for enterprise voice. During the webinar you will receive an introduction to OfficeExpert Endpoint Performance Monitoring (EPM). This new SaaS solution provides data analytics for Microsoft 365 and Teams performance from the end-user perspective, including all the details of their local network and ISP. If you want to know the truth about your Teams call quality experience for remote users, then you should see how actionable insights can speed troubleshooting and help remediate issues before they become escalations to the helpdesk.

What you will learn

  • Real-Time monitoring for remote user call quality performance in Teams
  • Detailed analytics for home office networks (Wi-Fi Signal Strength, Network Speeds, etc.)
  • In-Depth metrics for ISP performance
  • Fast troubleshooting for call quality issue resolution

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