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HCL Master’s Class: The Ultimate Guide to Operating Notes – Season 3



Notes Client Upgrades – The good, the bad and the ugly
You already saw how MarvelClient Upgrade makes Notes client upgrades easy in our last webinar. The reality is often more complicated than a standard case though. Every company and every department has its own special challenges. Let’s dive deeper together and look at actual customer situations and how they were solved. In this webinar you will learn how a variety of MarvelClient Upgrade customers approached their unique challenges:
• Options for rights elevation
• Deal with software such as virus scanners or software deployment systems
• Customization options in areas like notes.ini, config.txt, dictionaries
• Interface with other solutions
• How to utilize MarvelClient Upgrade for organizations with 100 or 100,000 users
• Perform initial client deployments fast and easy

You will leave with an arsenal of proven tools and battle-tested tricks to make any Notes client upgrade run smoothly and with minimum effort, no matter the circumstance. Finally benefit from running the latest versions of Notes by registering for Christoph Adler’s HCL Master’s Class today!

Speaker: Christoph Adler
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Domino infrastructures are changing – but don’t leave Notes behind!
Aging hardware. Outdated operating systems. Virtualization. Changes in your organization. All these can lead to moving, merging, or even the splitting up of Domino servers. You have the tools and the know-how to get it done on Domino. But what about Notes? Hear about actual experiences where our customers tackled these consolidation challenges successfully. In this session you will learn from real customer cases, how to deal with a wide range of topics around Notes clients in a changing server infrastructure:
• Know how to move large numbers of applications and mail files between different servers safely and efficiently
• Mirror the above changes on your clients without interrupting your end-users
• Deal with recertifications and similar changes seamlessly
• Redirect traffic away from servers temporarily for maintenance
• Operate old and new in parallel and switch users at the right moment
• Prevent support issues by removing any trace of retired servers or applications in your clients

Upon completion of this webinar, you will understand all the challenges you face on the client when your servers change, and you will have learned how to solve them based on your peers’ experiences.
Join HCL Master, Christoph Adler to make sure your Notes/Domino infrastructure keeps humming along nicely through any change!

Speaker: Christoph Adler
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The administrators’ guide to HCL Nomad. Bring your towel.
The prospect of finally getting to use your Notes apps on mobile devices is exciting! But it also presents new challenges and means yet another topic you need to master. But do not fret! We’re here to show you how Nomad works in the real world – warts and all. In this session you will learn all you need to know to configure and operate Nomad nice and easy:
• Setup, user preferences, Recent Apps, local replicas are all covered for both iOS and Android devices
• Get your users started with a perfect setup
• Integrate Nomad in your normal client management processes for rich client
• Manage all target platforms with the same set of Config and Analyze databases
• Troubleshooting on Nomad: get detailed information about problems and how to fix them

After this webinar, you will understand how to operate Nomad as just another part of your existing systems. As if that isn’t enough, you’ll also be among the first to learn about a new feature yet to be released. Spoiler: it is something you can use to better secure your devices.
Why wait? Become part of the future of Notes/Domino by registering for Christoph Adler’s HCL Master’s Class today!

Speaker: Christoph Adler
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Get a grip on a changing mail and application landscape
IT is evolving faster than ever. Notes applications are being retired and new ones are added. People use mail delegation to grant or revoke access. Employees join or leave. You want to make sure each user has all the right applications and mail files at their fingertips, pointing to the right servers, with the right replication settings. In this webinar you will see how our customers achieved this, and how you can get there as well:
• Manage your users’ workspace, bookmarks, mail file and -settings, and replicas
• Choose your fit: from just managing links to specific applications, to a fully standardized, role-specific workspace
• Ensure constantly changing mail delegation is automatically reflected on your Notes clients
• Handle the client-side of the Domino application lifecycle, from roll-out to retirement
• Solve the removal of retired or deprecated applications and mail files quickly and permanently, even for very large user and application counts

After this session you will have a broad set of tools and the necessary understanding, to perfectly meet all your Domino application needs, while lowering admin and helpdesk effort.
Join HCL Master, Christoph Adler today to make your users’ (and your) life better!

Speaker: Christoph Adler
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What you will learn

  • How organizations transform their IT experiences
  • How to benefit from latest HCL developments
  • How to better deal with dynamic infrastructures

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