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CollabSphere 2019 On-Site Workshop



Making Sense of Your Data – Finding Paths to Quick Wins, Migration and Cost Reductions with panagenda

Have you been tasked with getting off Domino or decreasing investment into Domino applications? Join the panagenda team as they walk through common business cases – environment consolidation, quick wins and migration – while eliminating up to 90% of scope/cost/time. Find out how your very own data gets turned into easy-to-understand dashboards that show current application usage, business value and transformation roadblocks so you can decide on what should be archived, migrated, rewritten or modernized. Get introduced to the next generation of Domino Application Analytics – iDNA for Applications and get tips and tricks from experts with decades of experience making Domino application environments more cost efficient. Learn about the new our new OfficeExpert solution and what you need to do to get ready for Notes 11!

Receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation with one of our experienced consultants to understand how to take the next steps forward!

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