Identifying and Repurposing Inactive Licenses for Microsoft 365



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Most enterprise organizations are looking for innovative ways to better manage their sprawling IT costs now that they have transitioned to the cloud for hosted services like Microsoft 365. IT organizations around the world have shifted their approach to a more tight-fisted mindset on monitoring their subscriptions in a concerted effort to control costs. This is especially true for expensive add-on licenses for products such as Microsoft Power BI Pro and MS Project.
For organizations that want to be more proactive in managing their Microsoft 365 licenses and optimize their subscription accounting, they need a full-featured management and monitoring solution. Please join us for this webinar to see the advanced capabilities available in OfficeExpert to help enterprise organizations streamline their license management and take control over their Microsoft 365 costs.

What you will learn

  • Proactive License Harvesting for Inactive/Disabled Accounts 
  • Identifying Overlapping/Redundant Licenses
  • Repurposing Unused Specialty Licenses (i.e. MS Project, PowerBI Pro, etc.)
  • Automating License Recovery Reports
  • License Chargeback Accounting

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